Team Registration Form


Paddler Waiver Form


Any person who will be on a boat must sign a copy of the Paddler Waiver form.  Individual paddlers will turn in their forms as directed by the Teams Coordinator.

Team Tips

Team Captain:  Establish a captain as the “go to” person for the group. This person will be in charge of coordinating the team’s practice session and making sure registration forms, the team roster, waivers, business logo and any additional materials are completed and turned in on time.

Pick a small fry for your drummer:  You want someone who is light weight and not afraid to sit high up on a raised seat. Better yet, pick someone who isn’t afraid to wear a crazy costume to reflect your team’s spirit and make you stand out amid the rest of the dragon boaters!

Shelter:  Bring a 10’ x 10’ canopy to provide shelter from the sun and camp chairs to sit on. Sunglasses, sunscreen, water, snacks and a hat are helpful, too.

Hydration is key:  Drink lots of water to keep hydrated both before and after the races.

Extras:  We provide the boats, paddles and PFDs, but you might want to bring some cushioning for your derriere. The wood dragon boat benches are downright hard. A gardening knee pad or piece of non-slip drawer liner are good options.

Practice Sessions:  Prior experience is not a substitute for attending practice sessions. It’s been nearly a year since most teams have paddled, and teams always have new members. All team members are encouraged to attend practice.

Fundraising:  Additional fundraising efforts are appreciated and encouraged both before and during the Festival. Most teams do the majority of their fundraising prior to the Festival and plan an easily managed fundraising activity or raffle at their team tent on the day of the Festival.

Kudos to The Centurions our Fundraising Champs for 2018!

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