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We Are SMCR, Inc:
Promoting social, recreational and educational opportunities in Southern Maryland where individuals with developmental differences can contribute their unique gifts and expand their potential. 


Providing resources and developing programs to individuals age 21 and older who have special needs and have aged out of the school system.


Reaching out 1 on 1 with programs that offer these individuals the opportunity to grow and become integrated within our community.


Proceeds from the Solomons Island Dragon Boat Festival will benefit programs for members of our community with developmental differences.


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All funds stay local. Click here to view our list of expanded programs.

SMCR, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) qualified charity


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Ms. Bonnie Elward, Executive Director, SMCR, Inc.




 Mail:  PO Box 560, Solomons,MD 20688

Email:  Info@SolomonsDragonBoatFestival.com


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